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CyberSlate is to Dyslexia …….

Training WheelsCyberSlate is to Dyslexia as Training Wheels are to Bicycle! If you use CyberSlate at the right time, Dyslexia may not be a huge hurdle!

Dyslexia is not a brain weakness. It is a brain difference. Our brains are constructed to assist us in learning skills that will help us survive. In today’s world of people, we place tremendous importance on learning to listen and understand speech, produce speech of our own, then learn symbols that represent sounds and words, and finally to read and write. But our brains are not predisposed to make these connections. When the time is ripe for our developing brains to start learning these connections, some brains are “tuned in,” or maybe they just “go with the flow.”  Dyslexic brains may be picking up other clues from around us, – but missing the communications cues that we think are so important.

The result may be a brain that is superior in organizing big concepts or seeing things uniquely (see Eide and Eide)    but in the early school grades, that brain doesn’t fit because your child’s classmates are concentrating on talking, reading, and arithmetic, and your dyslexic child has not developed the neural pathways and other components that help him join in.

Those components can be learned, but only with daily persistence. Regular reading classes plus extra remediation provided by the school will help, but your child’s poor reading scores indicate that it is missing an important element – daily repeated practice! Add in CyberSlate Reading – crucial Reading Fluency exercises and complete them every day at home and at school, and then watch the results. The dyslexic brain will pay attention and learn if it is bombarded by daily exercises! Let’s make it work for your dyslexic child!

Chart Shares!

Chart Share

We all learn from sharing the charts with others.

The Six Cycle Standard Celeration Chart is brimming with information!  Standard means that everyone uses the same chart, so we become skilled at “knowing” many elements of the skill or behavior that is plotted on the chart. And we are measuring very complex stuff. Most of our CyberSlate charts are boasting about learning. And most of our questions are about how we can accelerate that learning.

So here is a blog dedicated to sharing charts and asking questions. CyberSlate will post charts that we think tell us useful information about learning. And we will post charts when we have questions. If you are a cyberslater and you want us to post your chart, send us an email! (And if you would like to put your picture with the chart, send it along!)

This ChartShare is open to the Celeration Charting community. If you have a Celeration chart that you wish to share and get comments, send it to us and we will post it.

Chart Shares are a tradition in the Precision Teaching community, which uses the Standard Celeration Chart as its chief instrument of discovery. Sharers project their charts on a screen and give a brief summary. Audience members comment and give suggestions – and we all learn. A blog has an advantage; the observer can think about the presented problem, and give a more thoughtful answer.

Some words about privacy. Our charts are shown with an assigned name and an initial. These are generally used when we share the charts here. If a CyberSlater wants more anonymity, we will use code names.

CyberSlate generated charts are complete in the sense that the chart provides almost all of the information required. The Ranks and Levels inform us what presentation materials were used.

Who owns the charts? Like photographs, Celeration Charts provide much detailed information. Unlike photographs, the chart reports past and current history — they are unique pictures of your learning. Unfortunately, few people know how to read Celeration Charts or use them for helpful decisions. We are using them to ensure that you have the correct exercises to help you learn in the best way. But we also must be able to use your charts to compare with other charts to discover better ways to promote learning. And we must be able to share them with other chart experts who have expertise and insights into learning,

If we show your chart on this Chart Share blog, we will identify the chart with your CyberSlate first name and initial, unless we have  agreed to use a different code. If we discover new breakthroughs in learning that will make a profit for CyberSlate, we will reserve a dividend for you up to 40% of the profit from those discoveries, divided among all of the persons who contributed their charts, and the number of their charts used in the study. This will likely amount to fractions of pennies, but who knows?