CyberSlate is to Dyslexia …….

Posted Wednesday May 14, 2014 by Ian Spence

Training WheelsCyberSlate is to Dyslexia as Training Wheels are to Bicycle! If you use CyberSlate at the right time, Dyslexia may not be a huge hurdle!

Dyslexia is not a brain weakness. It is a brain difference. Our brains are constructed to assist us in learning skills that will help us survive. In today’s world of people, we place tremendous importance on learning to listen and understand speech, produce speech of our own, then learn symbols that represent sounds and words, and finally to read and write. But our brains are not predisposed to make these connections. When the time is ripe for our developing brains to start learning these connections, some brains are “tuned in,” or maybe they just “go with the flow.”  Dyslexic brains may be picking up other clues from around us, – but missing the communications cues that we think are so important.

The result may be a brain that is superior in organizing big concepts or seeing things uniquely (see Eide and Eide)    but in the early school grades, that brain doesn’t fit because your child’s classmates are concentrating on talking, reading, and arithmetic, and your dyslexic child has not developed the neural pathways and other components that help him join in.

Those components can be learned, but only with daily persistence. Regular reading classes plus extra remediation provided by the school will help, but your child’s poor reading scores indicate that it is missing an important element – daily repeated practice! Add in CyberSlate Reading – crucial Reading Fluency exercises and complete them every day at home and at school, and then watch the results. The dyslexic brain will pay attention and learn if it is bombarded by daily exercises! Let’s make it work for your dyslexic child!