Each menu is custom made for the CyberSlate student.

What is CyberSlate?

CyberSlate is a program that provides crucial practice and uses immediate scientific indicators to guide the learner.

  • Efficient! The exercises take only a few minutes per day.
  • Immediate! The Celeration charts show the student’s progress after each session.
  • Researched! The exercises have been refined through years of testing by students in classrooms and home settings.
  • Inexpensive! A modest one-time investment. Students can earn additional exercises if they practice  every day!
  • Rewarding! Students become excited by their progress as it is plotted on the charts. They earn points that can be used to earn their favorite prize.

CyberSlate was developed by Ian Spence, Headmaster of Ben Bronz Academy, and the teachers and students of the Academy over 25 years. Student CyberSlate progress was compared to yearly standardized testing.

CyberSlate’s menu organizes your practice of basic skills in Reading, Arithmetic, and Keyboarding. You practice in one-minute timings on selected sub-skills. CyberSlate presents the items, times your effort, then measures your progress every time you practice. The Celeration chart shows all of the information clearly so that informed decisions can be made about modifications of the content or procedures.
The key to CyberSlate’s success is daily practice of the same, short activities, at home and at school, – every day, including weekends and holidays. Our studies show that this constant repetition brings about the fastest change.

A CyberSlate Menu

You have a custom menu that lists the exercises you will practice, in the order you wish.

When you enroll, you select your practice exercises. When you click the CyberSlate icon on your desktop, you see a menu of theseCyberSlateIcon exercises. When you choose an exercise, you are presented a grid with items that require responses.  For example, in keyboarding you are given letters or words that you are to type. In arithmetic, you are presented problems and must key in the answers. In Reading, you see a word and must say it aloud, or you may read a passage aloud for a minute. You can complete the exercises in any order.