How to purchase CyberSlate

  • Decide which starting package you need!
  1. All Subjects
  2. Reading
  3. Keyboarding
  4. Arithmetic

(Feel free to contact us if you have a special need that requires a custom package!!)

  • Contact us now via email to arrange your payment and give us an email address.  Include your student’s name and age.  If you are purchasing the Reading Package, we will set up a diagnostic in CyberSlate so we can start your student at an appropriate level of reading difficulty.
  • Download the CyberSlate application onto the computers you will use to practice.  You may put this application on as many computers as you wish. (but only registered users will be able to use it.)
  • We will contact you within 24 business hours to tell your registered student’s  CyberSlate name and password.
  • While you are waiting for the name and password, please read the instructions for each package.  If the instructions are not clear, feel free to send us an email!  If you purchased the keyboarding module, we will send you the finger guides in the mail.  If you purchased Reading, the first five stories for Reading Passages are on the website.  We will send you the paper copies in the mail.
Prices:  The complete package  -13 exercises.

Keyboarding: Finger Trainer, Typing Words, Home Stretch, Typing Sentences.

Arithmetic: Digit Pad, See/Type Addition, Hear/Type Addition, See/Type Subtraction, Hear/Type Subtraction.

Reading: Decoding Words, Transformers, Reading Passages, Hard Words.

prices14Prices include everything you need; Installation, Registration, technical support/help through email.  There are no further charges.

Why is the Home and School package cheaper?  Because, like you, we want success!! All of our data shows that we learn quickest when we practice for just a few minutes every day, including weekends and holidays. If the student, parents and teacher can form a team to build a daily routine, the chances of quick success are boosted measurably! If your student becomes a CyberSlate Scholar, he/she is eligible for coaching services, and additional fluencies free!